Shouldn’t Mary Shelley’s novel be titled The Last Woman?

For this week’s blog post (11/15), students will revise and repost last week’s post (11/8) through a close reading of the following passage from Volume 2, chapter 12 of The Last Man, in which Evadne relates an apocalyptic prophecy to Lionel Verney:

“This is the end of love!–Yet not the end!”–and frenzy lent her strength as she cast her arm up to heaven: “there is the end! there we meet again. Many living deaths have I borne for thee, O Raymond, and now I expire, thy victim! — By my death I purchase thee — lo! the instruments of war, fire, the plague are my servitors. I dared, I conquered them all, till now! I have sold myself to death, with the sole condition that thou shouldst follow me — Fire, and war, and plague, unite for thy destruction — O my Raymond, there is no safety for thee!” (181).

Along with the grader’s comments, use this textual passage to help you expand and improve your previous interpretation.


~ by hgarcia13 on November 12, 2012.

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