The Demon and The Dulcimer


When I first read the passage regarding Lord Raymond’s encounter with Evadne, I felt that it was out of place. It seemed interesting if odd that a story that covers a wide scope touches on this small intimate moment. There was a sort of randomness about it. However, the second time I read over it I was able to see within the context the previous chapter had set up. Raymond was looking to build something for the Republic specifically a “national gallery of statues and pictures” (pg 106). At once, I thought of Coleridge’s poem where, “In Xanadu Kubla Khan/A stately pleasure dome did decree” (lines 1-2). He wants to build England into a Xanadu or paradise. Similarly as the Abyssinian maid prompts the creator or Kubla Khan to exclaim, “with music loud and long/I will build that dome in air” (45-46), so Evadne gives a Raymond a drawing that him to a inspires and draws him to her.

However, this in itself isn’t enough to connect the two. Thus, I conjecture that the Abyssinian maid and the woman wailing for her demon lover are the same person. Indeed upon reuniting with Raymond, Evadne wails just like the woman with the demon lover. This can be seen in the “Last Man” when she, “shed many tears; her head sunk unconsciously on the shoulder of Raymond” (pg 109). If Evadne is the maid and woman than her demon lover must be either Raymond or her old husband that committed suicide. I venture that it is more likely her ex-husband who seems to embody the destruction of Greece. He was hopeless, “as to his future prospects, the inoccupation to which poverty condemned him, combined to reduce state bordering on insanity” (pg 110)


~ by bobcat101 on November 8, 2012.

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