prometheus unbound

‘Prometheus unbound’ asks the question, “if life was to begin again, where would nature reside? Perhaps it would stay close to the ground, tumultuous by the sea, the shores are like a snapshot of the natural desire for revolution. Shelley writes, “wild spirit, which art moving everywhere, destroyer and preserver, hear. oh hear!”The spirit is wild and untamed. Motion here signifies energy that moves people into war and chaos. A revolution can be foreshadowed by the mind’s recognition of times past and dismal altitudes presumed to be imperialism.


To harken Shelley’s prophetic thoughts, one must think of the peripheral perception evident in “Prometheus Unbound.” “The dying year” dost bring “a Sepulcher,” but life comes anew. To be a poet is an interesting thing. To be a writer, is lyrical. Shelley’s words call to mind an eternal visage of life and the unraveling of a distinct form of revolutionary action.


~ by boxcar9 on November 8, 2012.

One Response to “prometheus unbound”

  1. For this post I would focus on an expansion of some the ideas in this passage. I believe this is a good close reading but there is limited evidence of your original idea. Reiterate what you believe Shelley’s thoughts mean in a historical or even in a futuristic context.

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