Fall of Hyperion

Keat’s Hyperion notes imperial decay, as is noticed when regal duties are forgotten or an empire is overtaken.  With the images of “a heaven he lost” and “gods thrown down,” one is reminded of darkness after a glorious dusk (1428). This reckons with the image from the Parthenon of a female caricature covered in gold. The picture denotes a regal aura with pessimistic foreshadowing. The regal appearance is strengthened by the wearing of crowns. A scepter is a part of the structure, which can be a symbol of authority. The female carricature is not surrounded by a kingdom or crusading military. Loneliness here signifies the fall of an empire .

This is a very woeful image. It looks very solemn, without any gaiety. It is upright in stature with a small image in hand. The larger feminine portrait appears to layered in apparel. It is not serene image. One is troubled by it rather than aroused.


image 3.JPG


~ by boxcar9 on October 23, 2012.

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