On our epic quest to the Nashville Parthenon

For next Tuesday 10/23, students will write a blog post on John Keats’s The Fall of Hyperion: A Dream using a picture from one of the statues or art items you found most interesting from the Nashville Parthenon.  Choose only ONE picture (downloaded in the blog post) that helps you create an original interpretation of a certain perplexing aspect of Moneta’s apocalyptic vision that would be difficult to understand otherwise.  Focus on particular key passages or lines from the poem for close reading.  Remember to bring your cameras or camera phones with you during our class field trip. 

Use your imagination!

Here’s a picture of the Nashville Parthenon, the setting of the visionary poet’s apocalyptic encounter with Moneta, or Mnemosyne (“memory”), mother of the muses.  Are you ready for this epic quest?


~ by hgarcia13 on October 15, 2012.

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