William Blake’s revolutionary apocalypse of the mind

For this week (10/11), post a comment on a student post to one of my other course blogs, William Blake and Enlightenment Media, on the topic of Blake’s “A Song of Los” and “Europe a Prophecy,” filed under the category “The Flames of Orc.”  Choose only one post and its comment thread.  Appearing in the proper comment box, your blog comment should focus on a specific idea or question that you will revise, enhance, or extend through your own original analysis.  Keep it short and pertinent, as for these comments will not be graded for this week (but are required!).  Here is the link:


I’m sure my ex-students will find your comments thought-provoking; hopefully, they will be inspired to respond back!

And here’s the Blake clip we watched last week in class, from the BBC documentary “Blake: The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”:


~ by hgarcia13 on October 8, 2012.

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