Can you visualize the revolution?

Try to visualize the revolution in these three collaborative student-drawn pictures of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “Kubla Khan” (lines 13-30).  Last Thursday in class we had a lot of fun drawing and reflecting on these three different images, and a pair of student judges concluded that the third drawing below was the best example of the Romantic visionary apocalypse at work.  The dreamscape vision, the woman’s missing eyes, the balance between the literal and figurative, and the coexistence of the physical with the metaphysical seem to perfectly represent the sublime experience that Coleridge and Wordsworth sought to capture in poetry. 

Here’s the new question: which ONE drawing better captures the spirit of “re-volution” (pay attention to the root words) or recycling of time, as explored in the writings of Richard Price, Edmund Burke, and Thomas Paine?  And why? (note: the answer to this question does not need to accord with the answer to the previous question about the status of the romantic apocalypse in these images; there may be a discrepancy between the political and the aesthetic here?  Who knows?). 

Unleash your imaginations!



~ by hgarcia13 on September 17, 2012.

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